We’re Out of Cornflakes is a gag a day comic strip that makes fun of the absurd and the stupid. It parodies everything from history, to religion, daily life, animals, sci-fi, monsters, cops, time machines and just about everything else.  It’s stupid on purpose.

The original We’re Out of Cornflakes site was supposed to go up in 2006. Because there was too much stuff going on, the site was postponed for what was hopefully just going to be a year or so (ended up being 11 years).  All these cartoons sat on a hard drive for 11 years waiting to be published – the site went life September 4, 2017.

Most of the cartoons posted here between Sept ’17 to Jan ‘18 were done between 2001- 2010.  The comics now are done a year to 18 months in advance. You can see the cartoons on the site, Reddit, Twitter and other places around the internet.

Not sure how much longer the site will be going as not a lot of people read these but the few of you who do, thank you for your support. Cartoons are posted a year to 18 months in advance so we’re well into 2023 but may be going to once a week.

Thanks for coming by and feel free to email!