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Hanging out with Death
Robot on deserted island with old man
Show girls in bar his pumpkin
Aliens had lots of sex with human
God revises snowflakes
Grim Reaper can’t get a girlfriend
Aliens get something from Earth
Princess and the frog 
Billy is the worst student ever
Celebrity Jeopardy
Alien makes amazing pies 
Island with box of goods
Hansel and Gretel
Someone spying on me
Down the River Styx with Charon again
Enlargement pills lost
Jesus has a rope for a belt
Space weapons
Common denominator
Trex applies for a job
Blind guy’s new girlfriend
Taking a dump at work
Zoltrog helps out gang in fight
Worst father ever
Wants a glass house
Astronauts dump 6 ounces from ship
Will I go to heaven or hell
The world is so beautiful
Alien checking out license plates
Dancing for the lord
Ticket prices only one dollar for the game
Taking a number 2 in the woods
Working hard in the yard
Aliens won’t conquer dumb earthlings
Aliens take muscly guy to their planet
Sleeping cat, cannot wake
Alien protocol is to make out with his wife
Biggest bladder in the world
Aliens with interesting names
Genie grants kid’s one wish
Eat ass
Grandpa talking to tombstone
Grim Reaper clothes
Tom Thumb
3 inventors get into heaven
Barry butt dialed me again
Sports teams asking for God’s help
He threw his steroids in the garbage bin
Ratings to keep kids out of theater
Aliens like earth golf courses
Bad genie helps guy become lawyer
Bad cats demon of mischief
Lost in the desert
Bees do great things
Aliens abduct comedian
Reincarnation options
Spike has to break some bones


To Serve Man
Different types of Grims
Gorilla at the zoo
Everything you touch
Breaking up with the Grim Reaper
The Lost Boys
Searching for oxygen
Memory eraser will make me rich
How pigeons pick their targets
Giant aliens - don't eat me don't eat me
Fortune teller: a hundred years from now
Golf on Mars
Robots in future 
Asking god for help
Aliens need dumb humans for machine
The Most Dangerous Game
Giant aliens dump
Let's have long lives!
Friends with Alien kid
Get out of presentation at work tomorrow 
Scented doggy bags
Bad boy and woodpecker
Caveman invention day
Washington's ghost visits Lincoln
Meeting bigfoot
Aliens hold off on finishing invasion
Toilet paper covers in public bathroom
A very important company
Caveman launcher
Cat sees ghost no one else can
Secret Agent is retired
Donate body to science
The real Cinderella
Greeting alien friends
Prison cell hook up
Hunchback of Notre dame
How to remember things class
The real Tarzan
God makes new reasons to go to Hell
Another anon group
Thoughts and prayers to disaster
Important job
God has pizza
Loose lips sink ships
Watching scary movie with woman
Only dumb people survive zombie apocalypse
Passenger has problem on airplane
Alien schlik pic
Pirate captain plays scrabble with sailor
Bad cats find a box
God decides to make snakes cute and furry
Horace & Myrtle meet a swinging couple
Caveman invents bomb
I love both of my boys equally
Dinosaur creates liquid makes you immortal
Aliens bad at math
Wife is still cold
Genie grants a wish
Play Dave's 10 bucks in Las Vegas
I go to concerts all the time
Sue happy world
Alien have the same goobers
Alien and guy on deserted island together
Invented fuel-less jet pack
Viking deodorant
In heaven, find out women who liked you
Met older woman on tinder
Deserted island find
Alien Dodo birds
Bum lady 50 years ago
Ostriches can fly
Alien gets English tattoo
30 years plus life in prison
Alien scout at party before invasion
Where is everybody?
Who's a good boy?
In heaven they see the websites you viewed
Reading in bathrooms over the years
Cat aliens offer a gift
Time machine
Grim reaper goofs up
God not happy
This 100 dollar bill
Man on street gives son advice
Spider web 
Aliens give anal probe
Shark party
Stick figures
Aliens destroy planet
God does a nice trick
Aliens discuss Keanu Reeves
Do you have the time?
Jehova witness dog
1972 time machine
Santa gives bad boy coal
Airplane engine hits house
Break in windshield


The Kommodians
Aliens hesitantly conquer Earth
The aliens only wanted one thing
Scientists make important discoveries
The Time Jumpers
An island, a man and a mermaid 
I would watch idiots talk for hours 
Aliens who are also Christians 
Look up in the sky! 
Shampoo has an expiration date
Sending thoughts and prayers
An amazing liquor store
When notice something about your girlfriend you never noticed before
Having drinks with Death
The first colonists on Mars
God is proud of His people
New boyfriend has cold feet in the night
How not to speak to your beloved
A giraffe and his special leaves
The true story of Little Red Riding Hood
Bad Cats
A the DEATH!
If you talk the talk, you can get elected!
Bad Cats 2
Stuff you find out when you get to heaven
Losing stuff you don't want to lose at the circus
Two sharks make a bet
Myrtle wants something nice from Horace
Treaty with aliens has complications
Lady loves the cowboy
The best Earth has to offer
Loosening up the rules to get into Heaven
Fish will grant one wish
Trying to find a mailbox in this day and age
Getting to Heaven earlier than you thought
Caveman job day
Vultures get their prey
Goldfish have short memories
The real story of Goldilocks
The fabric of Hell
Guys who have a lot of stickers on their back window
Look at the moon wherever we are
Other ways ghosts can scare you
Even aliens use butt slang
Some thugs extract some important info
Remembering the great orators
Buddies climbing a mountain
Wiseguys having a conversation
Mob Mentality
Pirates digging for treasure
Horace will put his mouth anywhere
Cat writes a letter
He's with Jesus now
Fastest gun in the west
God eliminates lying
Aliens with lots of eyes
Unluckiest person alive
Mermaid has a twin sister
Dad is reunited with his beloved bride in heaven
Super hero source of power
Homework loophole
Aliens cut off power for invasion
He learned hacking from the movies
The REAL George Washington
Braveheart Freedom
Meeting martians for the first time
What did you do to end up in hell?
Kid going to prison
Bad Cats 3
Bad kid reads for grandma
Lady bugs hate their name
Einstein gets a computer
Bell invents the phone
Math kid gets a genie
Ghost turns annoying guy into a ghost
Dr. Krango creates a monster
Alien with big bazoongas
Frankenstein meets the Wolfman
Horace finds box of firecrackers in garbage
Woman breaks up with Robot x17
Naked man talking about orgies
Guy named Peeping Tom
Burn witch at the stake 
Elephant Man
Overheard a discussion on the plane
Icejerks Iceberg gang
Wheel of fortune


Grandpa had one of those dreams
Alien baby trade
Playing ping pong against God
When the Grim Reaper says "you gotta go..."
Why do I always thank the cop for the ticket?
A big fear I have about my dog
A good secret agent can get out of anything
Another reason cops have body cameras
The aliens have a plan for their prisoner
Hell is hell
Crack addicts will do anything for crack
Bull gets a little payback
Cheating ghost
Killing baby Hitler
Worst cake maker ever - or is she?
The suspect is naked! 
Found a cure!
Beethoven originally had lyrics for his famous piece "For Elise"
Depressed man at the bar
Dracula and the Wolfman are friends again
Hell is hell: Demons having fun
Aliens looking for a new sport
Tell her...tell her I love her
I pay your salary!
The proper way to protest
The original ending of "Titanic"
Cheap robes in heaven
Smoked a lot
Why is Grandma afraid of new technology?
Hell is hell: What happens to suicide bombers
The Butterfly Catchers
What they always say when a famous musician dies
Mountain meets Volcano
The Invisible Man
Exploring a new planet
Hell is hell: Never upset the wife
Horace & Myrtle: Where to find cheap gas
At the museum
Is that a teardrop tattoo?
Ghost gets dirty for the first time
People who dumb stuff on video
First day as a zombie 
Hell is hell: The Texter 
Angry kid's parents made a time machine
Another day on the River Styx
Horace & Myrtle: Horace makes lots of sacrifices for Myrtle
The true story of Jack and the Giant
A bear in the woods enjoys a snack
Alien in the old west
Confession on a fishing trip
Rich woman buys cable news network
Hell is hell: Signing Death
A man and a chicken are on an island...
The genie of regrets
How all massages should end
The beginning of the end for Abe
The Butterfly Effect
The enlargement ray finally works
The cats like hanging around the lab
Aliens email earthlings to determine if they're kind
Another Youtube star
Learning stuff from Dad
You never know when you will die
Aliens give an ultimatum
Mistake on job interview
First words uttered on Mars
Hell is hell: John Wilkes Booth's job in hell
Women who pluck their eyebrows out
Going after a politician
The REAL spiderman
Knowing the soil the on Mars
Making up words in Scrabble
Teach your children well
Getting all your demands when you have hostages
The Last Man on Earth
When you have speakers in every inch of your car
The bear family who has it all
Dracula and Wolfman play a prank
Ghost gets preoccupied during a scare
He has a hot wife and no one believes it
The 7th Voyage of Sinbad revisited
Very sacred ground
How cowboys get their nicknames
Ghosts do not care who they scare
The Astronaut Body Snatchers
Young hooligan busted
Meeting up with the probation officer
Robin Hood makes some changes
Enter the Drag On
Santa and Dracula work together
Alien scout in for a surprise
Another gunfight in the old west


A brave pilot saves the day
Conversation in the living room
Another industry the millennials killed
You are not my father!
Yes, there is a heaven 
What really happened that night at Ford's theater
An old west gunfight
Welcome our new alien friends!
Another tale of survival during the zombie apocalypse
How teams win championships
Important After School special about bullies
An Important Astronaut Chimp
A gift from our alien friends
Questions for God
Atomic Robot 6 has escaped
Message on the Moon
Good magazines in prison
A day on Monkey Island
If Lincoln could hear you
First day as a ghost
Original unseen version of Frankenstein (1931)
What some lions do in Africa
Men who argue
Overworked vets
Offer from our alien friends
Morons who blast music from their car
Amish fun
Sweet little kitty
The evictor 
Time magazine has been bought 
Rhino request
Good Ol' Uncle Bill
Getting lots of college degrees
Yet another super hero group
The true story of the Three Wise Men
The Ghost of Christmas Future - what really happened
Alien language similarities to English